Grandparents Minnesota Style

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Grandparents Minnesota Style

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Take an active role in your grandchildren's lives. Show them the best of Minnesota. Teach the valuable lessons you've learned throughout your years. Grandparents Minnesota Style is filled with insights and advice to help you along the way. The guidebook features more than 70 Minnesota attractions and activities, with tips on making each stop a bonding experience. If you're a grandparent who wants to play an instrumental part in your grandchildren's healthy development, this book is for you!

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The Standard

Grandparents Minnesota Style Grandparents, Minnesota Style, by Mike Link and Kate Crowley. Adventure Publications, Inc., 2007. 170 pp., soft- cover, $14.95 At first glance, the book, Grandparents, Minnesota Style, seems like a concise listing of kid-friendly activities geared toward "grand-boomers." As I read, however, I was impressed not only by the omission of the obvious commercial choices, but even more by the writers' personal reasons for writing the book. The husband-and-wife authors, Mike Link and Kate Crowley, note the changes in our society that have made activities, such as daily farm life, home cooking, or tree climbing, no longer a part of most children's experiences. "Parents are scheduling rather than parenting, channeling rather than nurturing, coaching rather than modeling." Crowley and Link seek to fill the gap left by the demands on today's working parents and encourage grandparents to take a greater role. This is a thoughtful collection of activities that gives grandparents opportunities to talk to kids about the largerworld, encourage their creativity, and get them to ask questions. Each destination or activity has a section called "bonding and bridging" that suggests the type of questions or discussions a grandparent might wish to explore with a grandchild. These are not meant to be "lessons," so much as an opportunity to share values and history I am amazed at the ways my grand parents have influenced my adult life. Both of my father's parents were pioneer children, raised in western Nebraska. What I remember most are the summer afternoons spent picking cherries fron their backyard trees because we were light enough to climb into the upper branches, feeding stale bread to the ducks in the coca park, and the yearly trip to the Omah; Indian Reservation for their powwow. When wild roses suddenly appeare( in my long-cultivated flower garden las year, I immediately thought of my grand mother and left them there to grow. Can we really ever know the impact of digging in the garden on a summer afrternoon, listening to songbirds, and pointing out wild flowers to a small child? I certainly do- and so do the authors of Grandpparents Minnesota Style. By Sharon Weneland

Kate Crowley

Since marrying and moving to the country twenty-two years ago, Mary Crowley has been surrounded by forests, prairies, birds, dogs, cats, horses and lots of other wild creatures. When husband, Mike, built her Lady Slipper Cottage in the woods, her dream expanded, but it wasn

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Mike Link

Mike Link is the author of 22 books and numerous magazine articles. He and his wife, Kate, live in Willow River, Minnesota, where they enjoy helping their grandchildren discover the world of nature and play. The bird feeders are always full and the forest has wonderful trails. For 37 years Mike directed the Audubon Center and now, entering retirement, he looks forward to writing, teaching for both Northland College and Hamline University, and of course spending time with the grandchildren. As his books attest, traveling is another passion. With fifty states and twenty countries covering his travels, paddles, hikes, and explorations, he feels that he owes a debt to the earth. Whether we call it Mother Nature, Gaia or Creation, the earth is our source of air, water and sustenance, and its destruction is a crime.

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